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Im scared to show emotion, though my heart can tell no lie.

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Wondering what will happen next, to make you say goodbye. In the past, I've scared you so, making you run away. Will it happen again, or are you finally here to stay. Tell me your heart, what I'm allowed to say. The wrong thing could hurt me, make you want to stray. If I told you tommorrow, would you be mine forever. Or would you push me away, my pain, mine to endevour.

A dying soldier, whimpers, weeps. Afraid of dying, feels pain, cries. The dying soldier, alone, forgotten name. No one sees, no one knows, the last dying soldier. I told you, I loved you, you just didn't listen.

I told you, I cared, your heart didn't glisten. I told you, I meant forever, your soul didn't care. I told you, you were to be with me, you wanted the world to seize me. I told you they were after you, you didn't want to hear it. I told you they were coming, you kept on with your dreaming. I told you they were here, and now you're no where near. Day after day, I feel the pain, and heartache since you've gone away.

The madness, it seeps through me, the future, no longer do I see. You taught us to be strong, preparing us for the worse. But you, yourself gave in, ending your life all wrong. They call it running away, from the hurt, from the pain. I call it selfishness, your death was nothing left to gain. I once said I couldnt make it, after you took your life, that sudden blast. I was wrong, life goes on, your spirit, through me, will last. As I look down below me, off the cliff, away from it all. I wonder to my lonely self, if I should end it, in a seconds fall. I ponder upon the choices, thinking of my past.

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Trying to see the future, making my dreams seem worse than last. All the pain, all the heartaches, could it really all go away. I start to hear the voices, that begin to beg me to stay. My tears, they start to fall, as I take one look back.

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One step forward, and my soul begins to crack. As I walk into darkness, the new world bfore me. I think about the past life I led, and why others ignore me. I walk on for hours, before even turning back. Waiting for my light to shine, and for others, to begin to love me. I get closer to the light, the heat beating on my face. I turn toward it slowly to carry the warm embrace.

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