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Capital Offense: Merchant Prince III (Volume 3) by Armin Shimerman ( 01) [Armin Shimerman] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.
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Miriam quickly finds herself caught up in the feuds of her estranged family, which calls itself the Clan.

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However, their founder and progeny were from the feudal world, and thus their mores and beliefs are as well; they are content to merely enrich themselves, and seek to ingratiate themselves to the local nobility, rather than to help the commonfolk. The easy money from their power also complicates reform.

Miriam compares them to Saudi princes who visit the United States and Europe, but think in an entirely different way. The Clan's most profitable transport is currently drugs, which bothers Miriam both for ethical reasons, and in her belief that the Clan could do far better. She decides to attempt to reform the business from within, while dodging the various assassination plots hatched against her. She also understands that the drug trade will only last so long; anonymity and carrying large amounts of raw cash are growing steadily more suspicious.

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Miriam finds a number of potential allies in her travels. They include Paulie, a research assistant from her former job with some experience in the field of law; Roland, a distant relation, economist, and potential love interest who would also like to be free of the Clan's machinations and prefers the United States to the feudal Gruinmarkt; Duke Angbard Lofstrom, Miriam's uncle and head of security for the Clan, as well as leader of its Boston operations; Olga, a young and flighty noble who helps explain to Miriam the politics and notables of Gruinmarkt; and Briliana and Kara, two lesser noble ladies-in-waiting assigned to Miriam's service in Gruinmarkt's capital of Niejwein.

Reviews of the book often note its rather abrupt ending. It completes the story began in The Family Trade of Miriam Beckstein's attempts to understand and explore the new worlds she has access to. As the title suggests, the existence of families with the power to "worldwalk" unknown to the Clan comes of importance in this book, as a shadow war to undermine the Clan continues.

The story also includes Miriam's exploration of a third world largely unknown to the Clan, where Massachusetts is part of "New Britain" and the British monarchy fled to America; this nation has roughly Edwardian mores and s technology. The existence of this third world also complicates security expectations, as it provides an angle to attack the Clan from locations which might seem safely guarded in both worlds, but are unguarded in the third world.

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In The Hidden Family , Miriam correctly hypothesizes that the Clan civil war that took place around the time she was born was caused and intensified by a third party — a distant branch of the Clan that, while weaker, was unknown and had access to a different world.

They were thus able to perform attacks that seemed as if they must come from a rival world-walker within the Clan, but actually came from the Hidden Family. Miriam also believes this third party to be behind the attack on her birth mother. For reasons she can't entirely understand, this branch family considers her existence a threat as well.

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Miriam also has to contend with elements in the Clan who distrust her. She is warned that in 6 months, a large Clan meeting will occur at Beltaigne, and her rivals — including her own blood grandmother Hildegarde — are likely to motion to have her declared incompetent, which would deny her the funds held in trust that was her inheritance.

Lastly, Miriam believes that Duke Lofstram's security forces have a mole working for the Hidden Family, after several security lapses and attempts on her life that seemed to know too much. Both to research the hidden family, as well as to build her own personal base of power separate from the alternative of marrying a Clan noble and throwing herself under his faction's protection, most of the book concerns Miriam's efforts in New Britain.

Miriam gained access to it via taking a New Britain locket off one of the hidden assassins who attacked her at the end of The Family Trade. There, she ships gold — tightly regulated under mercantilist beliefs that the government requires a large supply of bullion — and allies with the Levellers , dissidents from the Royal government who demand something like the rights secured in the American Revolution in Miriam's world.

Erasmus Burgeson, a Leveller quartermaster and pawnshop owner, helps set Miriam up with false identity papers, and Miriam moves on to her next money-making plan. After shipping gold to get some initial funds, she will instead ship ideas. She buys a business and begins to take old patents from the s—s unfamiliar to New Britain there, and sell rights to the ideas. Publishers Weekly in their review said "Stross continues to mix high and low tech in amusing and surprising ways. However, while giving a gritty SF portrait of the marvels of modern market economics and correcting the too pretty portrait of too many medieval fantasy lands, he sometimes overlooks the realities that constrain both.

Still, less historically minded readers can lose themselves in Miriam's attempts to survive the Clan's equally dangerous high-stakes business and social games.

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  • Stross weaves a tale worthy of Robert Ludlum or Dan Brown. It is the first part of the series' second story. Her experimental corporation in New Britain has been somewhat abandoned with other Clan minders overseeing it, officially due to concerns she might be assassinated, but actually due to political rivalries.

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    The Clan still does not trust the upstart; Miriam is largely kept isolated in the first parallel world of Gruinmarkt, a virtual prisoner, and unable to travel unchaperoned. Miriam escapes surveillance for a time and finds out about the "insurance policy", a plot by the more modernizing faction of the Clan to create hundreds more world-walkers by offering mass artificial insemination at compromised sperm banks, then attempt to recruit the resulting children. She stirs up enough trouble in her investigations that she is quickly re-imprisoned, her activities even more strongly circumscribed than before.

    Mike is pulled into a secret government task force that is investigating the Clan's activities; from the US Government's perspective, the Clan is "transdimensional narcoterrorists". This "Family Trade Organization" has a key asset in the Clan defector from the first two books who had arrived seeking a witness protection program. The defector's aid helps the government arrest other Clan couriers, seize Clan assets, and begin to compile an English — Hochsprache dictionary. This language study will allow agents to communicate if they can reach Gruinmarkt via captured couriers outfitted with Battle Royale -esque time bombs on their heads.

    The government is also alarmed to learn that the Clan possesses nuclear weapons, while Mike is concerned by the quasi-legality and loose morality of the operation. The plan goes awry as their defector source begins to grow restless and realizes that he is being held by the military now, not by law enforcement, and witness protection is not forthcoming. In a desperate bid to take a hostage and escape, both the defector and Mike's co-worker Pete are killed. A trapped Miriam learns her fate: she is to be spared for her indiscretions, but only to be tied down in a political marriage, the only thing that can satisfy the more conservative instincts of the Clan.

    The Clan seeks to tie itself to the royal family so that it can rule Gruinmarkt. The King's two sons each have problems; the eldest son Egon has a cruel streak and is known as the "Pervert", while the youngest son Creon has PKU and is considered an "Idiot" after being poisoned with sweetener at a young age.

    Battle to woo trade war's corporate refugees intensifies

    Egon does not bear the recessive world-walker genes from the Clan-member that had managed to sneak into the royal line, while Creon does, thus making the Clan favor Creon. Miriam's great-uncle Henryk, the king's head of spies, explains that if she marries Creon, his affliction would not affect his children, so she could produce potential world-walker Clan members to eventually reign. Miriam is treated by a Clan fertility doctor and reluctantly goes forward with the plan after she is threatened with her ailing mother losing access to medical care, despite her strong aversion to marrying for "duty".

    In the final act, Clan allies gather for the banquet to celebrate the forced engagement of Miriam and Creon. Agent Fleming is sent by the government to the banquet as well as part of a plan to make contact with her and turn her into an informant, posing as a captured West Coast courier. All the plans fall to pieces when the anti-Clan Prince Egon launches a coup , correctly fearing he would be denied the succession and potentially murdered had Creon produced an heir.

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