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In order to receive her inheritance, Mareijke van Staalduinen is sent on a mission to Morocco. Caught in a web of deceit and greed, Mareijke finds herself.
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The one who has a ponytail and is overweight, pale, and in his mid-thirties but still working at Taco Bell. In other words, fantasy is a genre that people generally avoid unless they want people to associate them with weirdness. But let me tell you something, my friends and AJ: I have discovered someone who might make fantasy cool. And his name is China Mieville. Now, we all now what comes to mind when we hear the word 'fantasy' in regards to books.

Oh, and dragons. Why don't we just call fantasy what it is: Tolkienism, because it seems we're all content to just take what he created and copy and paste it interminably. And yea, a plucky young adventurer rose up with his misfit band of companions to defeat the evil. And yea, there was much battle and many orcs died, and the Biblical references were many, and the Christian subtext was plentiful, and the not-quite-blatant-but-still-obvious racism was ubiquitious.

And in the end, the evil was defeated. Can't we create something new while occasionally giving a nod to Mr. Tolkien without ripping him off wholesale? China Mieville seems to think so. China has written a few books, but the only ones I've read so far are set in the world of Bas-Lag, a steampunk land. For those of you who don't know what steampunk is, look it up. I'll wait. Now, in the land of Bas-Lag there is a city by the name of New Crobuzon or NC , a sprawling metropolis of squalor and filth. NC is a melting pot of dozens of different races and technologies.

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It's most equivalent to London, but it's populated with monsters. So I guess it's not different from London at all. Take that, you filthy tea-suckers. Why don't you go oppress the Irish some more while your teeth rot? Our protagonist is a young, ambitious scientist by the name of Isaac Dan der Grimnebulin. He kinda reminds me of Ken, but he cusses.

So, he's a scientist who is commissioned by a client to develop a way to fly without the help of any bulky instruments. He sets to work, ordering all manner of flying animals to dissect and study. He receives birds, insects, and even things that hover. Among all the creatures he receives is an exotic caterpillar he's never seen before. Fascinated, he keeps the creature and wonders what it will become. The city falls into a state of terror, the government declares martial law, and Isaac must undo what he has wrought.

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That's as much as I'll say about the plot, since I can't do it justice with my limited vocabulary and loose grasp language Enlsgih the. They include giant plant people by the name of Cactacae who bleed sap from their spiny skin and have fibrous wood for bones, insect humanoids named Khepri who use their spit to create beautiful works of art, frog people I can't remember the name and I don't want to look it up who waddle around and are able to temporarily form water into shapes and objects, and humans who go by the name of humans.

How wacky is that? Humans are silly. Well, by being given extra limbs and mechanical parts. Examples: a mother who drowns her baby has the child's arms grafted to her face to always remind her of her crime, a thief who attempts to steal a statue of a bird is covered in ragged feathers and given a beak, scores of people have wheels and guns attached to them, and a prostitute has her hands and feet replaced with dog paws for reasons I won't go into. The love scenes are quite interesting. This makes for some interesting curses. There's more, much more to this story than what I've put here.

But I can't list them all, mostly because I'm drunk and about to pass out. Suffice it to say, China Mieville has revitalized the fantasy genre much like Rowling did and has made a fan out of me. If you're looking for a wonderful tale of adventure, horror, revenge, honor, and redemption, look no further than 'Perdido Street Station'. And then read 'The Scar' and 'Iron Council', not exactly sequels but still set in the same universe.

You can thank me later by giving me your liver when mine craps out. What is the deal with all dwarves being men? Every single game, book, and movie I've seen there are only male dwarves. Where are the women? Do they have any? Are the dwarves just a race of overgrown boys who live in dark, deep mountains together and talk about how gross girls are?

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And if so, how do they reproduce? Asexually, like hydra polyps? At any rate, you know what happens when a ton of men are all alone together for extended periods of time.

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