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No one could help. Apple was 'unable or unwilling' to assist. At a time when the world is safer than any in history, children are being taught that they live on the brink of a variety of existential threats. Lindsey Morillo made mistakes while representing himself, such as failing to deny he was speeding. But the errors from the bench were more consequential. Comments Postmedia is pleased to bring you a new commenting experience.

In fact, one study found that one solid dose of the outdoors per day can be enough to cut out one dose of medication per day. Maybe prior generations were onto something when "Go play your ass outside for a while, goddammit! The whole misconception about recess seems to come from adults who equate "playing" with "wasting time. It's probably the same reason animals do it : all of the running and screaming and fighting and giggling is how they learn social cues and how to interact in groups.

So, yeah, it's not only OK to let them get dirty, it's kind of necessary.

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We're betting that some of you still get cold sweats at the mention of the word "algebra. You're still a kid, but suddenly you're spending your evenings solving for X instead of watching He-Man reruns. It wasn't much fun at the time in fact you probably hated it , but that head start must have paid off once you got to high school.

Why else would 38 percent of eighth graders nationwide be taking algebra? When California made eighth-grade algebra mandatory in , they noticed something strange: Many students started to do worse in high school mathematics. The kids who'd been struggling with math before saw their GPAs plummet and their scores in later courses drop correspondingly. Pushing advanced math early seems like a great idea, but it actually ignores everything we know about the way young brains develop.

What gives the school the right to give my child homework?

Kid brains go through rapid periods of growth, interspersed with long plateaus where everything sort of settles in. It just so happens that eighth grade is one of these plateau periods, which makes it a particularly shitty time to teach abstract concepts like algebra. No wonder eighth graders fail algebra more often than they fail any other subject.

Lively Commentary on Canadian Education

And the smart kids suffer, too -- a Duke University study found that test scores also declined for "high skill" students in the wake of early-onset algebra. It turns out that kids do best when you introduce them to math the same way the French introduce their children to wine: a little glass here and there at the dinner table teaches moderation; tossing them the bottle and chanting "Chug!

For those of us who weren't big into organized sports, being graded and getting scored on standardized tests were our first experiences with the stress of competition. The only students who enjoy being ranked are those at the top, and the valedictorian is the only student not imagining a swarm of flying dicks choking him to death on graduation day. But competition clearly works in the real world, so most likely all of us non-valedictorians are just sore losers. After all, the modern world runs on competition. It's what made America great. The free market is all about pitting worker vs.

The best comes out on top, and everyone pushes themselves harder out of fear of falling behind. Kids just need to man up and see how the grown-ups do things. No one was more surprised by this than the Finns themselves, since academic excellence isn't something they give one steaming shit about.

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Finland has no standardized tests. They don't rank their students, select valedictorians, or even care all that much about grades.

What gives the school the right to give my child homework? | Town Square | Palo Alto Online |

Teachers give individualized grades to each student and develop their own tests for their specific classrooms without any input from some central authority. There's no competition in Finnish education, and no private university scholarships to compete for. It sounds like the bullshitiest hippie wet dream ever conceived How is that possible?

Well, competition may make perfect sense when it comes to grown-ass men fighting over a leather ball, but in the classroom, it appears to just distract kids from the important business of learning. Denise Clark Pope, a lecturer at Stanford's School of Education, followed five high school students around for a year, and while a stunt like that would have landed us in a very special sort of prison, her outcome was much more productive: She found that high achievers spent more time " finangling the system " than they spent gaining knowledge.

Meanwhile, students in Finland don't worry about maximizing their GPA or collecting enough extra credit hours to impress [College X], and as a result they end up actually learning stuff.

And don't just take Finland's word for it. Professor Hall Beck of Appalachian State University found that students who focused mainly on their grades tended to have lower GPAs and shittier mental health than the kids who focused on learning. So what should replace grading?

ADHD as an Adult: How is it Different? - Kati Morton

Again, it sounds like a load of rancid hippie crap, but it gets results. Although to be fair, grades get results, too -- results that equate to kryptonite for our kids' brains. The mere knowledge that their work is being graded is even more effective than track day in PE at making them avoid school. There's no point in beating around the bush: middle school sucked, hard.