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This bifid variation of the muscle originates as a single structure from the zygomatic bone. As it travels anteriorly, it then divides with a superior bundle that inserts in the typical position above the corner of the mouth. An inferior bundle inserts below the corner of the mouth. Dimples are analogous and how they form in cheeks varies from person to person. The shape of a person's face can affect the look and form as well: [13] leptoprosopic long and narrow faces have long and narrow dimples, and eryprosopic short and broad faces have short, circular dimples.

While conducting research on the physiology of facial expressions in the midth century, French neurologist Guillaume Duchenne identified two distinct types of smiles.

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A Duchenne smile involves contraction of both the zygomatic major muscle which raises the corners of the mouth and the orbicularis oculi muscle which raises the cheeks and forms crow's feet around the eyes. A non-Duchenne smile involves only the zygomatic major muscle. More recent research suggests that smiling in which the muscle around the eye contracts, raising the cheeks high Duchenne smiling , is uniquely associated with positive emotion.

The Pan Am smile, also known as the " Botox smile", is the name given to a fake smile, in which only the zygomatic major muscle is voluntarily contracted to show politeness. It is named after the now-defunct airline Pan American World Airways , whose flight attendants would always flash every passenger the same perfunctory smile.

In animals, the baring of teeth is often used as a threat or warning display —known as a snarl —or a sign of submission.

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For chimpanzees , it can also be a sign of fear. However, not all animal displays of teeth convey negative acts or emotions. For example, Barbary macaques demonstrate an open mouth display as a sign of playfulness, which likely has similar roots and purposes as the human smile.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the facial expression. For other uses, see Smile disambiguation and Smiles disambiguation. Conscious or subconscious facial muscular movement conveying mirth or pleasure. Porto: University Fernando Pessoa Press. The Face of Emotion. New York: Appleton-Century-Croft.

Retrieved 7 October Australasian Psychiatry. Journal of Pragmatics. Archived from the original PDF on In Smile, you use a single language, AppleScript , to control every component. AppleScript is the native inter-application language of the Apple machines. This is a must-read for any AppleScript scripter.

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The first section of Smile's tutorial provides a short description of AppleScript and how to use scripts in Smile. The main component that you will control with AppleScript is Smile itself. The following links explain how to use Smile by script. Wilson prepared for the writing and recording of Smile by purchasing about two thousand dollars' worth of marijuana and hashish.

Brian envisioned Smile as an outlet for all of his intellectual occupations, [33] such as his fascination with spirituality and its relationship to humor and laughter. You could hear a bit and say, 'I know where that feeling came from. Wilson requested that Taylor establish a new image for the group as fashionable counterculture icons, and so a promotional campaign with the tagline " Brian Wilson is a genius " was created and coordinated by Taylor. Anderle, who was nicknamed "the mayor of hip", acted as a conduit between Wilson and the "hip". That's the way we talked about it, as a monument.

Additional writers were brought in as witnesses to Wilson's Columbia , Gold Star , and Western recording sessions, who also accompanied him outside the studio. We predict they'll take over where The Beatles left off. The special was not aired until April We're sure to sell a million units Several months after the project's collapse , a memoir written by Jules Siegel was published in an article for Cheetah magazine entitled " Goodbye Surfing, Hello God!

The Smile sessions were intentionally limited to recording short interchangeable fragments also referred to as "modules". He sometimes recorded the same section at several different studios, to exploit the unique sonic characteristics or special effects available in each. Then, he selected the best performances of each section and edited these together to create a composite which combined the best features of production and performance. This meant that each section of the song was presented in its own distinct sonic envelope, rather than the homogeneous production sound of a conventional "one take" studio recording.

The cut-up structure and heavily edited production style of Smile was unique for its time in mainstream popular music, [27] [63] [64] and to assemble an entire album from short musical fragments was a relatively bold undertaking. Carl Wilson likened the assembly process to film editing , a view shared by Smile archivist Alan Boyd who stated: "I think he was right about that.

The kind of editing that the project required seemed more like the process of putting a film together than a pop record. Every scene will tend to contain unresolved issues that demand settling further along. Marshall Heiser interpreted the album's style of jumpcuts a "striking characteristic", and that they "must be acknowledged as compositional statements in themselves, giving the music a sonic signature every bit as noticeable as the performances themselves.

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There was no way this music could be 'real'. Fifty hours of tape was amassed from a ten-month-long course of album recording sessions.

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Oftentimes, Chuck Britz and Larry Levine assisted Brian with engineering, who produced every session, while most instrumentation was played by the Wrecking Crew. The vocal sessions for Smile were usually done at CBS Columbia, which had the only 8-track audio recorder available amongst the major recording studios at the time. Work on what would have been the core album track "Good Vibrations" begun in February during the Pet Sounds era.

Three months later in May, an early tracking of " Heroes and Villains " was attempted. The Smile sessions officially began on August 3, with " Wind Chimes ", and from then on, Wilson led a long and complex series of sessions—approximately 50 overall, discounting the 17 sessions needed for "Good Vibrations"—that continued in earnest until April 14, Smiley Smile sessions immediately followed at Brian Wilson's home studio on June 3.

The album's contents range from musical, spoken word, sound effects, to role playing, [60] incorporating cowboy songs , country , comic songs , doo-wop , barbershop , chanting, noise , cartoons , and field recordings with a unified homage to Americana. In after being asked by a journalist how he would label his new music, Wilson responded, "I'd call it contemporary American music, not rock 'n' roll.

Rock 'n' roll is such a worn out phrase. It's just contemporary American. You coin those just right.

A rejection of adult rules and adult conformity. Our message was, 'Adults keep out. This is about the spirit of youth. Various surreal comedy skits were recorded during the sessions as part of a "Psycodelic [ sic ] Sounds" series. Similar experimental recording sessions were devoted to an adventurous sound collage portion of the album.

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I was just fascinated that he would hear things every once in a while and his ears would prick up and he'd go back and listen again. And I had no idea what he was listening for! No official track sequencing was decided in , and although numerous track listing and running orders were eventually established decades later, [28] Brian has stated that the original Smile would have been "less uplifting" than his finished version. He also claimed that he and Van Dyke Parks had originally thought of the album as a two-movement rock opera or cantata.

A comparison of the handwriting indicates that it may have been written by Carl Wilson, or possibly Brian's sister-in-law, Diane Rovell: [ citation needed ]. Like "Good Vibrations", it was edited together from many discrete sections. Additionally, most individual tracks on Smile were composed as potential sections of "Heroes and Villains".

One of the other centerpieces of Smile was to be " Surf's Up ", which had been for many years perceived as the intended ending climax of Smile , preceding a section described as a " choral amen sort of thing. All of the other tracks were either not recorded or only exist in part-completed form, and many Smile -era recordings lack their full vocal arrangements, lyrics and melodies. Many of the shorter tracks, along with many other brief instrumental and vocal pieces, were evidently intended to serve as bridging sections that would have been edited in to provide links between the major songs.

Wilson wrote mixed arrangements for exotic percussion, keyboard , woodwind , string , and brass sections , [93] usually applying extended technique.

Examples of such would be playing an upright bass with a plectrum alongside a tic-tac bass , or muting a piano by taping its strings. Desiring a delicate approach to sound, Wilson avoided the tradition of using standard rock percussion. Even a triangle has pitch.

Brian was very fond of pitched instruments. They reminded me of the orchestrations of the early 20th century done by people like Percy Grainger , the man who wrote ' Country Gardens ', [ sic ] who was infatuated with tuneful percussion. He stood out in my youth as a great composer because of what he did with sound, and Brian was doing that. It was just more textural, more complex and it had a lot more vocal movement. With that song and other songs on Smile , we began to get into more esoteric kind of chord changes, and mood changes and movement.

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You'll find Smile full of different movements and vignettes. Each movement had its own texture and required its own session. Just the alacrity of the parts and the movements. There was wind driven part in the parts around "who ran the iron horse" — a lot of challenging vocal exercises and movements in that one. But we enjoyed those challenges. There was almost like a competition among us between who could do their part better than the other guy — but a healthy one.

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It was very clear and it actually sounded like a real train. Online journal Freaky Trigger states: "While the lyrics are usually pretty damned literary, at their most extreme, they're divorced from any kind of meaning in the straightforward sense. The concept of Smile did not lend itself to any formal narrative development, only to themes and experiences; though Smile references some specifically, it is only in passing.

Together, the two desired a back-to-basics approach to songwriting, as Wilson summarized, "We wanted to capture something as basic as the mood of water and fire. It is generally acknowledged that Wilson and Parks intended Smile to be explicitly American in style and subject, a conscious reaction to the overwhelming British dominance of popular music at the time.