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“Published as the first volume in California's Collected Writings of Robert Duncan series, this lovingly prepared volume presents this long critical work, written in.
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One image to the right and above the other. Reach out and touch. Point to the one that is really there. After the death of his adopted father in , Duncan started studying at the University of California, Berkeley.

The H.D. Book (The Collected Writings of Robert Duncan)

He began writing poems inspired in part by his left wing politics and acquired a reputation as a bohemian. He thrived as storyteller, poet, and fledgling bohemian, but by his sophomore year he had begun to drop classes and had quit attending obligatory military drills. In , he briefly attended Black Mountain College , but left after a dispute with faculty over the Spanish Civil War. While living in Philadelphia, Duncan had his first recorded homosexual relationship with an instructor he had first met in Berkeley, Ned Fahs. In Duncan was drafted and declared his homosexuality to get discharged.

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In , he had his first heterosexual relationship, which ended in a short, disastrous marriage. Duncan's name figures prominently in the history of pre- Stonewall gay culture. In , Duncan wrote the landmark essay The Homosexual in Society. The essay, in which Duncan compared the plight of homosexuals with that of African Americans and Jews, was published in Dwight Macdonald 's journal politics.


Duncan's essay is considered a pioneering treatise on the experience of homosexuals in American society given its appearance a full decade before any organized gay rights movement Mattachine Society. In Duncan met the artist Jess Collins and began a collaboration and partnership that lasted until Duncan's death 37 years later. Duncan returned to San Francisco in and was befriended by Helen Adam, Madeline Gleason, and Kenneth Rexroth with whom he had been in correspondence for some time. He returned to Berkeley to study Medieval and Renaissance literature and cultivated a reputation as a shamanistic figure in San Francisco poetry and artistic circles.

Robert Duncan in San Francisco by Michael Rumaker , originally published in , tells of this part of Duncan's life. During the s, Duncan achieved considerable artistic and critical success with three books; The Opening of the Field , Roots and Branches , and Bending the Bow These are generally considered to be his most significant works.

His poetry is modernist in its preference for the impersonal, mythic, and hieratic, but Romantic in its privileging of the organic, the irrational and primordial, the not-yet-articulate blindly making its way into language like salmon running upstream:. The story is well-known in poetry circles: around , disgusted by his difficulties with publishers and by what he perceived as the careerist strategies of many poets, Duncan vowed not to publish a new collection for fifteen years. There would be chapbooks along the way.

He felt that this decision would free him to listen to the demands of his supremely demanding poetics and would liberate the architecture of his work from all compromised considerations. There will be a total of six volumes including The H. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other people named Bob Duncan, see Bob Duncan disambiguation.

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